How to get your own Pa contractor license

What you need to know about Pennsylvania’s contractor license, and how to get one.

Read more PA contractor license: What you’re required to know, and what to do if you don’tPA contractor license processA Pennsylvania contractor’s license is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Administration (PADAs) and must be renewed every two years.

There are no specific requirements for renewal.

The first step is to complete a form that you fill out.

You can find a copy of the form at the PADAs website, or you can call the PA State Department of Public Safety at 1-800-686-1224.

You must also complete an online application for your PA contractor’s licensure.

Once you complete the online application, the PA Dept of Administration will mail you a completed application to complete.

You will also receive a letter confirming that you are eligible to renew your PA-issued contractor license.

The PA Department of Administers the Pennsylvania Contractor License Program (PCL).

The PCL is overseen by the PA Department Services Office (PSO).

The PA Dept Services Office administers the PCL and provides the services to the public.

You may also call the PSO at (215) 683-6111.

You must apply for PA contractor licensure by completing the PCP Application for PA Contractor Licensing.

You should also contact your local PSA office to request a PCP form or to request an online form.

The Pennsylvania Department Services office will mail the PA contractor form to you.

You need to have your PA license in order to apply for the PA-licensed contractor license in Pennsylvania.

The PCP application should include the following information:Your PA license number (if it has been suspended)Your PA addressYour name (if you are the sole owner) and phone number (you will be responsible for calling your owner)The date of your PA licensure (in case you change your address)A description of your businessThe name of your companyYour current business address (if your address is different from your current address)The name, address, phone number and email address of your current ownerYou must provide all of the required information when applying for PA-licensure.

You are not required to pay any application fees.

You will be notified if you are successful in obtaining PA contractor licenses.

If you do not obtain PA contractor licensing, you will be required to reapply for PA license.

You can find out how to renew PA contractor, PA contractor-related licenses by contacting the PA Secretary of State’s office at (570) 788-2300.

If you are unable to complete the application, you must notify the PASO by email.

The email address for the email address you have provided must be in the subject line of your email.

The PSA will send a letter to the address you provided.

You have to reply within 48 hours of receiving the letter, but there is no deadline.

You may also contact the PA Public Safety (PSS) Division of Safety and Homeland Security, at (610) 693-4121 or visit the PSA website to receive a PSA-issued license.

If the PA PSA does not renew your contractor license within 60 days, you can apply for a PA-based license, which requires a new application.

The PA-regulated contractor license may be used for all types of work.

The PCP is issued through a process called the Pennsylvania State License Renewal Program (PSRLP).

The PSRLP requires you to complete an application that includes a set of required documents.

You do not need to complete any other information.

You also need to provide all required information.

To get your Pennsylvania contractor license or PA contractor certificate, you should contact your PA state agency or business.

You also must fill out an online PA license renewal application at the Pennsylvania Dept of administration website, and complete a PCL application to obtain PA-registered contractor licenses in Pennsylvania, as well as an online renewal application for PA licensed contractors in Pennsylvania or PA-accredited contractors.

You cannot apply for an PA-qualified contractor license through a phone application.

The online renewal applications can be found at the following address:If you have a PA contractor registration card, you may apply for licensure through a PA state contractor or PA state licensed contractor by filling out the PA state licensure application.

If the PA license you are applying for does not have an associated PA contractor or a PA licensed contractor card, the information you need will be listed on the PA licensance application.

You could also call (215).

683.867.8181 or visit for more information about PA-registration card requirements.

You should also visit the PA public safety website to see if you qualify for PA safety training, as a PA public service employee, or a PSS officer.

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