How to get your DIY pool to look like the real deal

If you’re looking to make your backyard pool a real deal, here are some tips to get it looking its own thing.


Install a metal roof.

When I moved into my backyard, the pool was the first thing I took off the concrete slab.

My neighbors complained about the loud sounds it made when people went in and out, but they didn’t care.

It’s the perfect place for a pool party.

Plus, when it’s dark, the sun is out, and it’s easy to make the pool look even more awesome.

So I installed a metal sheet over the bottom, which I thought would look great and add to the atmosphere.

That night, the party was a huge success, and we had a blast.


Remove the metal.

After all, a backyard pool isn’t going to look good if it’s covered in concrete.

So if you’re thinking about removing it, remember that your neighbor might have been the one who complained about it. 3.

Add a metal rail.

If you have a metal railing on your pool, you can add some color to it.

You can also use wood and metal pieces to make it look more natural.

But I like to go with the simpler option, like a metal bar.


Make it look like a waterfall.

While you’re at it, you might as well add a waterfall, too.

If it’s going to be a big party, you’re probably going to want to create a waterfall that looks like it’s floating over the pool.


Add water.

If your pool is going to get flooded, you probably want to add some water to it to keep things flowing.

If there’s no one around, you could also use water bottles, water cannons, and other makeshift barriers.

You could also add a sprinkler system and even water filters.


Add extra seating.

Adding additional seating is a great idea if you want a pool to be more inviting, but you might not want to make everything into a giant table for everyone to sit at. 7.

Add some lights.

If the pool is full of guests, you may want to get creative.

Add lighting fixtures and maybe even a large LED screen to your pool.


Add more chairs.

This will probably be your least favorite part of your backyard DIY pool, but it’s a great way to add a little flair to the pool and create a more immersive experience.


Add decorative decorations.

You might want to have some decorative decorations like a large flag or a giant umbrella for people to enjoy while they’re at the pool, or even some small tables and chairs.


Add an artificial pond.

This might sound like a silly idea, but if you have an artificial pool, it might be worth adding a pond to the water.

A pond that you can play in, or one that you create yourself, is another way to get people out into the water and enjoy the outdoor experience.

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