How to find independent contractors in California

It can be a bit tricky to find a job in California, especially for independent contractors.

But you can always look to the California Department of Labor for help.

Independent contractors are a growing group in the state, with many taking advantage of the state’s economic downturn to find work, as we reported previously.

Now, a new study by the Department of Economic Development and Skills indicates that these workers are finding more jobs in the hospitality and hospitality-related industries, including independent contractors and restaurant owners.

Independent contractor employers make up about 7% of the California workforce, but the state estimates that there are between 20,000 and 50,000 of them.

The study’s authors found that there is a substantial number of independent contractors working in the industry, but only a few of them are working full time.

“We see more than 60,000 independent contractors who are either part-time or work full-time,” said Laura Lefebvre, director of the department’s Labor Market and Workforce Analysis Program.

“That’s up from a little over 10,000 the previous year.”

While many independent contractors are looking for jobs in hospitality, they are also working in a variety of other industries, Lefegvre said.

Some work in restaurants, hotels, and even as freelancers, but Lefemvre said there are also more than 1 million people working in these industries.

There are several reasons for this, Laffebvre said, including that independent contractors don’t have to have a real job, and many work in non-traditional industries.

For example, some people who work in the hotel industry, for example, might not have a day job, but they do have an obligation to make ends meet.

The report also looked at the employment of independent contractor workers by industry.

It found that many independent contractor employees are working in hospitality.

For the most part, independent contractors make up between 15% and 20% of overall restaurant employment, and in some sectors, like construction, they make up more than 20%.

But the employment in the sector is still growing, and the department is seeing more people than ever before, said Lefevre.

“As the industry has grown and the job growth has gone up, there has been a lot of growth in employment of the independent contractor,” she said.

For the next six years, the department will be releasing the employment numbers from this report in a series of reports, which will look at the state of the industry and what is causing it to grow.

The first report, to be released next month, will look closely at the growth in independent contractor employment in California.

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