How to deal with contractors that are in your way

This is a great guide to finding out how to handle contractors that aren’t in your business’s control.

You can also read this article for a quick guide on what to do if you think you’re in danger.


Determine the business’s purpose and mission 2.

Deter if they’re trustworthy 3.

Deter the value of their services 4.

Deter whether they’re a threat to your business 5.

Deter their location 6.

Deter what their liability is 7.

Deter how to best respond to them 8.

Deter a way to remove them from your property 9.

Deter an appropriate response to their presence 10.

Deter who should have access to your property11.

Deter where they should work 12.

Deter which services they should provide.

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