What you need to know about school districts, teachers, and charter schools

The nation’s largest school districts and charter operators have been the subject of some fierce criticism, with a few notable exceptions.

These include: 1.

New York City: There have been a few noteworthy controversies regarding charter schools and the city’s teachers. 

A new study conducted by the Education Trust found that charter schools are in fact less effective than public schools. 

The study found that charters are far more likely to use more disruptive and less-effective methods in their instruction and discipline, are more likely than other public schools to use aggressive strategies for students with disabilities, and are more aggressive in their handling of disruptive and disruptive-behavior issues. 

However, the report found that in the city, charters were also better equipped than public school teachers to handle some of the more severe discipline issues.


Dallas: The Dallas school district recently came under scrutiny for its school safety and staffing practices. 

In December, the Dallas Observer reported that several students were suspended for allegedly engaging in “unruly behavior” at the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). 

Some of the students were allegedly suspended for being late or refusing to do chores at school. 

According to the Observer, some of those students were actually suspended after being found in the school parking lot. 

Three students were also found guilty of making threats to the school.


Cleveland: According to a new report by the Center for Media Justice, charter schools in Cleveland are actually more dangerous than their public school counterparts. 

Using data from the Federal Reserve Board, the Center found that of the nearly 6,000 charter schools that have been approved by the Cleveland Board of Education since the start of the Great Recession, only 2,000 of them are responsible for at least half of all suspensions and other discipline violations in the district. This data shows that charter schools are far more likely to have a student with a disability, to use harsher discipline, and to conduct more aggressive discipline practices than the public schools they are supervised by. 

These issues were also highlighted in a new study published by The Atlantic titled “Charter Schools Are Killing the American School System.” 

The Center explained that “a majority of charter schools have serious safety and student safety concerns, according to the Federal Reserve Board’s Public Schools Data . 

While charter schools were able to reopen after the Great Depression, they have had to be shuttered several times since then.”


Charlotte:  According  to the Charlottesboro News & Observer, Charter schools in the Charlotte region have made a significant commitment to improving their student outcomes. On May 2, Charleston released a study  which found that charter school students are twice as likely as the average school student to have received the lowest grades on state-mandated standardized tests. 

That result was also shown in another study published by the Charlotte Observer in July of 2016. 


Milwaukee: A study published by the Center on Education Policy recently found charter schools to be far more effective than public school students in schools with more serious discipline issues, including: •Teaching staffs are more likely to use tactical methods in their instruction and in the treatments they administer. 

•The average student with a disability is more likely to disclose their disability at school than other students and is more  likely to receive a physical discipline tactic than the average student.


Atlanta: On July 1, the Atlanta County Board of Elections announced that a majority of charter school enrollment in the Atlanta Counties has been reported to be disqualified. 

Among the reasons cited by Charters for disqualifying students were: a) the children were not attending a primary school.

 b) their attendance was not at a school where Chairs had been approved to operate.

c) they did not perform their physical training as required. 

Other charters reported disability issues including: a) students with disabilities were not allowed to attend Charts as their school exhibited a “no-go zone” for students with physical disabilities.

d) parents with children with learning disabilities had to pay for

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