How Virginia contractors are suing the state over state contract rules

Virginia is seeking to overturn a state contract law that restricts contractors from working on state projects that have been certified as critical infrastructure.

Under the law, contractors are restricted to working on “critical infrastructure” projects that are already on the books.

Virginia Gov.

Ralph Northam (D) signed the law into law last month.

The law, which went into effect in February, allows contractors to work on projects that “require the installation of critical infrastructure” in a certain state.

Critics say the law has allowed contractors to push projects that should be considered state assets.

The law was passed by the Republican-controlled General Assembly in a bill signed by Northam.

The state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said it is reviewing the case and will issue a response in due course.

The state also has a law that allows state agencies to sue contractors that have signed contracts that aren’t properly vetted.

DNR spokesman Eric Stromme said the agency is reviewing both cases and would respond to them in due time.

Northam signed the legislation in February in order to help ease concerns about the cost of the state’s $12.5 billion budget.

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