How to file for Florida contractor license

An employer may be able to hire you as a contractor even though you’ve never worked as a real estate agent.

Here are the steps you should take if you’re interested in getting a Florida contractor job.


Get the right documents.

In order to get a contractor license in Florida, you must: 1.

Complete a background check by completing the forms below.


Complete the “Apply Now” section to make sure your name and address are on file.


Complete your application form by filling it out and submitting it to the office of the Commissioner of Corporations.


You’ll need to pay a $200 application fee.


You should receive a notice by mail that your application has been approved.


You can work for up to two years.


You have to provide a valid photo ID and your license.

You must pay a monthly fee for the license and pay your fee.


Your name will appear on a list of registered contractors.


You need to be 21 years of age or older.


You will be required to complete a $400 annual fee for a new license.


You’re required to get your name on the list of approved contractors.


You may be required by the commissioner to pay $150 per year in fees.


You cannot be fired from a contract if you don’t pay the $150 fee.


You might have to pay the fee to renew your Florida contractor licenses.


You don’t have to complete the form and submit it to each of the four offices for approval.


You also have to get permission from the commissioner.


The commissioner will decide whether you’re eligible for a contract.


You aren’t allowed to get an attorney for a client.

You’d have to go through a legal professional to get the attorney to help you with the application.


If you’re a minor, you’re not allowed to have contact with a contractor or someone who works for the contractor.

You’ve got to have permission from your parent or guardian.


You could be fired if you violate the terms of the contract.


You are also required to keep records of your contractor work.


You probably need to get written authorization from your employers.


If your employer or someone with a contract to do your work for you gets fired, you might have a case against the company.

You get a hearing if you have enough evidence to show that you weren’t fired for a legitimate reason.


You shouldn’t work with an employer who’s paying a contractor more than $1,000 a month.

You work for them and you can be fired for that.


You won’t be able get a contract after two years if you get a new Florida contractor’s license after the first two years of the contractor’s contract.

You had to take that step.


The Commissioner of Contracts is going to determine if your application was approved and whether you get the contract and all the documents you need.

You do need to have proof that you’re an authorized contractor.


You want to get hired to do work in Florida if: 28.

You were a registered agent with a registered Florida company before August 1, 2015.


You worked as an employee in a business that’s a registered company or a business in which you have an interest before August 15, 2015 and you are a contractor.


You met all the requirements to get approved for a Florida contract.


You didn’t have a contract in place before August 5, 2015, but you had a registered contract in another state before that date.


You weren’t hired as a subcontractor or subcontractor for a business before August 10, 2015 or you’re applying for a permit to do business in Florida.


You completed a background investigation that included a background exam and the written report that you gave the commissioner that included all the information you’ve provided to the commissioner about your work experience.


You signed a form attesting that you met all of the requirements for a contractor’s work.


You received a notice from the Commissioner’s Office of your application being approved.


You got your license on August 5.


You finished your work on time.


You passed the background check.


You pass all the other requirements.


You qualify for a state-issued certificate of completion.

You haven’t paid any fees to get it. 41.

You meet all of these requirements to be licensed as a Florida construction contractor.

The state requires you to have a state license, but the application and the records don’t show the amount of the license.

If the state doesn’t require a license, you need to take the application to the Commissioner.


You submitted the completed application.

The application is now in the commissioner’s office.

You would need to show the documents in person.

You submit the completed paperwork

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