Construction workers make history as 1,500 buildings are covered in insulation

The world’s first-ever construction workers covered 1,000 buildings in insulation in a series of events that lasted three days, a Guinness World Record holder said Tuesday.

The construction of the 1,600-meter-tall building was carried out by a team of contractors led by British engineering company MECO.

The company said the team, which included the American contractor IHS Inc., was able to cover the building with the use of about a million polyester polystyrene panels.

The project took about six months to complete, according to the Guinness World Records website.

The work was carried on the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) Snowy Mountain Icebreaker, which is part of the Polar Exploration Programme, the Guinness report said.

The installation involved a total of 1,750 workers, including 3,000 contractors and more than 200 support staff, who were part of an international team of 3,600 people.

“The project is an unprecedented feat of engineering and it will be remembered by the world for decades to come,” BAE Systems Chairman Sir Peter Sands said in a statement.

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