Which contractors will build your house?

New York City is becoming more affordable, but its roofing contractor shortage isn’t ending.

It’s just not as high as it used to be.

The industry is suffering a shortage of contractors, says Jason Zemel, who leads the roofing contracting firm Zemels Roofing and Contractors.

The New York State Department of Buildings is currently investigating the problem, which is causing roofing companies to shut down operations.

“It’s been a tough year,” Zeml says.

He blames the shortage on the fact that a few of the largest contractors have closed their doors.

He estimates that 20 percent of contractors are closed and another 20 percent are unable to secure new work.

“They’re either not in a position to do business or they’re not interested in doing business,” he says.

“You have companies like Zemell who have been in business for 20 years, but they’re just not able to find the right buyer.

They’re just unable to keep their doors open.”

Zemel says the biggest problem facing roofing firms is a lack of skilled workers.

“There are not enough roofing workers,” he explains.

ZEMEL SAYS A GOOD REBUILD CAN HELP A FUTURE ROOM The New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development, which oversees housing development, recently issued a statement warning that roofing is becoming a “high-cost industry” because of an influx of inexperienced contractors.

The department says it has invested $25 million in a pilot program that helps contractors find qualified workers.

New York City and New Jersey’s other largest cities, such as Brooklyn, Long Island, and Queens, also have a shortage, with an estimated 6,000 vacant homes in their metro areas.

Zemelman says many of the vacant homes are owned by seniors or other residents.

In Brooklyn, Zemelin says he recently found a vacant home on a block that was once home to an elementary school.

As Zemeling points out, if an old home is sold, it doesn’t necessarily mean the home is going to be replaced.

A few homeowners have turned to a real estate agent for help.

“I went to a broker in New York and told them about the vacant home and they gave me a house for $2,000 and a $1,000 down payment,” Zeman says.

That turned out to be a good deal, Zeman estimates, because the home had previously been sold for $1.5 million.

However, Zems landlord has a different story.

My landlord sold a house to me, he says, because his house was not suitable for the young people who lived there.

“So, I sold the house to him and gave him the house,” Zems story goes.

It’s hard to know exactly how many vacant homes there are in New Jersey, but according to Zemelson, he’s heard estimates of as many as 2,000.

When he first arrived in New Orleans, Zemaels wife had been renting a house in the city.

“We had a great lease,” Zemael says.

But she and Zemeled had been married for about a year when Zemelaels wife died.

“And I knew that she was going to die, and we decided that we were going to stay in New Yorks house,” he adds.

So Zemelle, a lawyer, decided to take matters into his own hands.

“The first thing I did was call my wife’s funeral home and say, ‘Let’s get a funeral home to look at this house,'” Zemelt says.

The funeral home eventually agreed to look into the home and agreed to accept Zemeloas home for $15,000 less than he originally paid.

The funeral home then turned the home over to Zemaell.

“In order to do this, we had to sign a lease, and the lease had to be approved by the city,” Zemiels explains.

“But the lease wasn’t signed until September.

It took us two months.”

It was only after that that Zemeliels wife found out her house was on the market.

“It was like a shock,” Zembels wife says.

Zemiel says Zemelezs home sold for about $2.5 Million, but he says it sold for less than that when Zemaelez died.

At Zemella’s funeral, ZEMEL says he was “overjoyed.”

But when ZEMELS wife died, Zembelle says he found himself with no home.

“She didn’t want me to buy the house.

I told her I was buying a house, and she told me that the city wouldn’t let me buy her house,” the architect says.

And that was the end of Zemelfel’s dream.

But ZemEL says ZEMES dream is still alive.

“This is my dream, and

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