What Trump is saying to GOP lawmakers about health care, tax reform, and more

GOP lawmakers have been trying to push the Trump administration to get Congress to pass a health care bill, tax overhaul, and other major policy changes during a three-week break from Washington.

But Trump’s top legislative priority, which was first revealed by The Washington Post on Friday, has been to make sure the GOP doesn’t collapse.

The president has suggested repeatedly that his party will fall apart if it fails to pass any of these things.

The Trump administration has said that the president is willing to negotiate with Democrats on a budget resolution, and Trump is expected to speak at the White House Monday afternoon, but it’s unclear how far he will go in pushing the agenda.

Trump has said he wants to pass his tax overhaul and tax cuts, but he has repeatedly been vague about whether he would accept Republican lawmakers’ demand that they repeal Obamacare.

In a speech last month, Trump said he would support a budget that provides relief to the middle class and that the government should spend the money in a way that would stimulate economic growth and spur job creation.

“I would be willing to make some changes in the budget, but I will never say never,” Trump said.

“But I think we need to look at it, I think it needs to be done.

I think you’ll see the numbers come out and I’ll make the changes.

But I’m not gonna say never.”

But in the same speech, Trump also said he wanted to see Congress pass a tax bill that is more progressive than the one he signed into law last year.

“We’re going to get our tax bills in the House and we’re going.

I want a budget with more fairness, and I want to make it as progressive as possible,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Philadelphia on May 5.

“That’s what I’m trying to do.”

On Monday, a White House aide told The Hill that Trump is open to “working with Democrats” on the budget resolution and other policy issues.

But the administration has not publicly discussed any specific talks with Democrats about the president’s priorities.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said last week that the administration is “working very closely” with Democrats to pass tax reform and other legislation during the three-day break.

He said that while Republicans will not have a “coup d’etat” to push through, he would welcome a discussion of how the parties can move forward.

“It’s a difficult topic,” Spicer said.

The administration has also been pushing Congress to agree to the White Knight Initiative, which would create a “pivot” of American military forces to the Pacific.

Trump signed the order last month and announced that the United States would send hundreds of thousands of additional troops to the region, according to Spicer.

But Spicer said the order would be phased out.

“The plan has not yet been implemented.

It’s still in the planning stages,” Spicer told reporters on May 10.

“And we’re not at the point where it’s a permanent plan, but we’re working with the administration very closely to make that happen.”

The White House has also proposed increasing the amount of military aid the United Kingdom provides to the United Nations and developing a new, larger “military-to-military” relationship with the United Arab Emirates.

The idea has also gained traction with some lawmakers who are worried about how quickly the Trump agenda will take shape, and they are not keen on a tax cut that does not include a tax increase.

“A tax cut is a tax hike, and we have to make a big deal about that,” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in a statement Monday.

“There are no cuts in any tax plan I have seen.”

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