When the House is in Session, it’s Hard to Find a Budget Deal

In January, the House passed its annual budget.

It was one of the first bills the House had passed in more than a year.

The Senate has yet to act on it.

If the House passes it, it will likely be passed by the Senate, which is the legislative branch.

If Congress doesn’t pass the House bill, it would be sent to President Trump to sign into law.

It’s the first major legislative milestone the president has faced since taking office in January.

It also means that the Trump administration is officially in session.

The president is not supposed to be in the house, but he has been at the Capitol during the week.

The White House has been using the president’s time there as a way to push a slew of policies and priorities, such as the president signing a controversial executive order that requires companies with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance to workers and allowing Americans to keep the money they make when they leave their jobs.

There’s a chance that the House may pass a budget bill.

But it’s also possible that the Senate will veto it, as they have done before.

If it passes, the Senate would need to approve the House version of the bill before the president can sign it into law as president.

The House bill has the support of many Republican members of Congress, but the president doesn’t have the same amount of support.

The bill passed the House, but it hasn’t yet been sent to the Senate.

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