The Texas contractor license system: What you need to know

What to know about Texas contractors and licensure requirements: Contractors have the same license requirements as non-contractors.

They also must have a license from a Texas contractor, and must have been approved by the Texas Commission on Licensure and Regulation (TLCOR).

There are different requirements for different types of contracts.

The Texas Board of Contractors and Contractors (TBCC) administers the licensure process for contractors and is a member of the Texas Governmental Relations Commission (TGRC).

Texas law defines a “contractor” as a person who “acts as the sole agent for the purpose of performing a contract.”

This includes contractors for which a licensed contractor is the primary contractor.

Contractors may be classified as “independent contractors,” “independent contractor-affiliated” or “contracting entity.”

The TBCC is responsible for administering the licensing and regulation process for contractors in Texas.

TBCCs members are required to be licensed and registered.

A contractor may be registered with the TBCS, which is a separate entity, or a person may be licensed but may not register with the agency.

Texas contractors must be in good standing with the board.

To find out more about the TAC or TBC licensing process, go to Texas Contractors Licensing and Regulation page.

Texas contractor licensing requirements: Texas contractor licensure requires that a contractor be at least 16 years of age and a U.S. citizen or resident.

A Texas contractor must be licensed by the TLCOR.

The TLCor is responsible to administer and enforce Texas contractor licenses and to ensure compliance with all Texas contractor requirements.

Contractor registration requirements: A contractor is required to register with TBCs office to register as a contractor in Texas and to provide proof of completion of the requirements of the contract.

Contracting entity registration requirements are not required for contractors.

A registered entity is a company that is not a person, partnership, association or corporation, but is a legal entity that is controlled by the registered owner or agent of the owner or operator.

A company must have at least 50% ownership interest in all of its assets and is required by state law to report quarterly financial information to the state.

In addition, the TCLC is required annually to submit a report to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Contracture entities must be required to file annual reports with the Texas State Treasurer.

The licensing and licensing agency must issue licenses and maintain a register of licensed entities.

The board is required every three years to review the state’s contracting activity to determine whether a contractor is a “non-resident contractor” in the state or not.

The current licensing process can be found on the Texas Contractor License Information page.

The following contractors are licensed to work in Texas: ConAgra, Inc. (CAI), ConAgro, Inc., ConAgrosee, Inc.., ConAgrib, Inc…, ConAir, Inc, ConBryant, Inc…., ConBiochem Inc., CNA Group, Inc (CNA), ConBreathe, Inc….., ConChrysler, Incorporated (CCHL), ConHealth Systems, Inc.(CHS), Coninergy, Inc and Conimacor, Inc……(includes non-cancelable contracts).

All ConAgri, ConCorona, ConEdison, ConExxon, ConGeo, ConGenex, ConHealth, ConJaw, ConKool-Aid, ConMetLife, ConMeal, ConNectarine, ConOmniClean, ConOil, ConPepsi, ConProctor, ConQuest, ConRefrigerator, ConSoda, ConSoft, ConTortilla, ConTexaco, ConVax, ConWatson, ConZaxel, Conzo, ConZeneca, Conzeck, Cony, CincoVent, ConXtra, Cofax, Coftro, Corellia, Citi, Citrix, Covid, Covidia, Covidex, Covium, Cotex, Cotrol, Cotx, CPX, CPG, CPVC, Crotech, CRX, Crysta, Crysler, Crystex, Cryster, Deltronix, Delta, Dura, Durotex, DYNEX, Dyna, Dynapod, Dynax, E-Z-YO, Energizer, Elex, EZSYS, Electrolux, ElectroMatic, ELAN, Elo, ELS, Emba, Evolve, Evite, Evolv, Evonix, EvoDyne, EnerSys, EOS, EPS, Essentia, Esso, Entek, Evox, ETC, Ethyl, Exetek, ETAK, Fairtex, FTAC, FTM, FTS

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