Why Virginias contractor license is still in limbo

Virginias contractors license is currently in limbo after the state Senate and House of Delegates passed an amended version of the bill last month.

Now the state’s legislative leaders want to go back to the drawing board.

A bill passed by the House of Representatives on March 5 would allow Virginias state contractors to work on projects in the state without state approval.

It would also allow contractors to move forward without the state overseeing them, a change that would likely be a boon for some contractors.

Under the revised version of SB 2061, a state agency would oversee a company and would review the company’s work.

It also would allow the contractor to negotiate contracts with state agencies for services it does not currently perform.

If approved by the Senate and signed by Governor Bob McDonnell, the legislation would be sent to the Governor’s Office for his signature.

But McDonnell’s office has yet to send the bill to the governor’s desk, meaning it remains in limbo.

The governor has said he supports the bill and has promised to sign it into law if it becomes law.

In a statement, McDonnell’s spokesman, Kevin Roberts, said the governor has the full support of Virginias lawmakers and will sign the bill.

McDonnell has not made any decisions on whether to veto the bill, Roberts said.

The House of delegates passed the bill by a 51-49 margin on March 6, but the Senate passed it by a 56-43 vote.

A House of representatives committee will be reviewing the bill next week.

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