How to build your own pool deck in minutes

Paving contractors are in demand, especially when it comes to constructing large projects.As you know, the demand for pool decks has grown exponentially since the introduction of the water wheel, and the amount of time needed to construct the decks is not insignificant.While this is true for a variety of different projects, the majority of […]

Contractor invoice template

Contractor employee invoice template is a template for sending invoices to contractors in your organisation.A list of available template types is included below.The template is provided for reference purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by Fox Sports.This template is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or current.If you need help submitting an invoice […]

The secret life of the basement remodeller

The basement remodeler’s career is on the ropes, and it’s not good.The last time I checked, the industry was in its death throes, and that’s before the recession hit.That’s also before the last major remodeling contract went to a former contractor with a big, bad history of shady contracting practices.But with the recession still fresh […]

Why did you hire an independent contractor to do the job?

In June 2015, the government awarded independent contractors $3.3 billion to replace thousands of public-sector jobs.Some have been criticised for their poor performance and lack of oversight.But what’s the legal status of the contract?Here’s everything you need to know.What is an independent contract?A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, such as employers […]

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