Louisiana contractor bagged by blackwater contractor

Louisiana contractors license issued to blackwater contractors.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has revoked a contractor’s Louisiana contractor’s license.

The company, the Louisiana Landscape and Urban Conservation District (LLUSCD), was fined $10,000 in September 2016 for illegally dumping waste and water into the Mississippi River.

The $10 million fine was reduced to $3,000 by the Louisiana Court of Appeals.

The judge ruled that LLUSCD’s actions “resulted in the discharge of dangerous materials into the public waters of Louisiana.”

The company did not appeal the ruling.

LLUSDC’s owner, Thomas K. Johnson, told the court that the company had never discharged any water or waste into the river or the Mississippi.

LLUSTA, a Louisiana contractor, has been accused of dumping hazardous materials into public waters in the past.

In January 2017, a lawsuit was filed against LLUSTE, alleging that the contractor was dumping untreated wastewater into the St. Bernard Parish.

The lawsuit was dismissed in May.

A Louisiana Environmental Protection Agency investigation found that LLUSTe had violated state laws on hazardous materials.

The LESD also investigated LLUSTEC for a separate incident.

The agency found that LESC did not have a proper permit to discharge untreated wastewater, and that the facility was in violation of federal and state laws.

LLUSD said it had no comment on the case.

According to LESDE, LLUSEC had a permit from the Louisiana Department.

The Environmental Protection Act states that “a person licensed as a contractor under the authority of the Louisiana Environmental Law, in the exercise of that authority, shall discharge hazardous materials from a facility or property and shall do so in a manner which is consistent with the provisions of this article.”

The Louisiana Environmental Code requires that waste be disposed of in a “proper manner.”

In the lawsuit, the company said it was “proud” to be a Louisiana landscape contractor.

It is also seeking $30,000 for the violation of the Clean Water Act.

In the suit, the LESDA said that “it was not authorized by the LDEP, which has no jurisdiction over the LUSCD, to regulate LLUSCE and it was not in compliance with its contract with the LVSCD.”

The lawsuit asks the court to award $25,000 to LLUSD and another $5,000 each to the Environmental Protection Division and the Department of Natural Resources.

The court also ordered the company to pay a $30 fine and $5 million for violating the Clean water Act.

This article has been updated to include a statement from the LESSED Company.

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