Which paint contractors are making more than $2 million?

A painting contractor who makes more than a million dollars a year is not just making a lot of money.

He is also earning more than any other worker in the industry.

But that doesn’t mean he gets to keep most of it.

The paint industry is an extremely volatile industry.

The industry has been hit hard by a number of new regulations in recent years that are making it more expensive to paint.

Some of those rules have already been phased in.

And there’s been a surge in complaints about paint contractors, including allegations of assault and fraud.

In an effort to make sure paint contractors aren’t taking advantage of new rules, HuffPost examined the companies that paint the nation’s major cities, from the city of Boston to the suburbs of Milwaukee and Washington, D.C. We analyzed the companies’ business practices, their total revenue and their share of total profits.

And we determined whether they were earning enough to keep the rest of their employees on the same salary level, which is critical to keep paint contractors in business.

What we found is that there are more than two paint contractors for every city.

And a painting contractor earning more on average than two others, with the same average salary, is making more money than any worker in that industry.

Here’s what we found.

Paint contractors in Boston The Boston region has been the poster child for the paint industry’s problems.

In the past decade, the city has experienced the largest downturn in the country, with a $12 billion citywide paint job shortage.

And while the state has been a major producer of paint, many of the state’s paints are produced outside the state.

Boston, a city of about 6 million, is one of the nation, and it is one the largest markets for paint in the world.

Boston has had some of the worst paint job shortages in recent memory, with many workers being forced to work in the summer and on weekends.

The problem has forced some of Boston’s most highly paid, and most skilled, workers to find other work in other parts of the country.

A recent report by the nonprofit Center for Progressive Reform found that some Boston paint contractors have earned more than 10 times what their counterparts in other areas of the city.

This is a big problem because paint can be a very expensive product, with some paint contractors earning more money in a given year than people making minimum wage.

Boston paint companies make more than 50% of their profit in advertising and promotion, according to the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonprofit research group that tracks business practices.

A 2010 analysis of state contracts by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that paint contractors earn nearly 80% of the money they earn in advertising.

This means the company has to spend money on advertising in order to get the maximum amount of work.

The Boston paint contractor industry is a highly competitive industry, with companies making a profit on each paint job they perform.

That means the paint contractors’ profits are usually the highest, because the more work they do, the more profit they make.

Boston contractors are able to make money because they can charge a high price for the product they are painting, even though the cost of the paint itself is often less than $5, according, to the Boston Business Journal, which first reported the problem.

This gives them an incentive to work more hours, as well as charge higher prices.

Some paint contractors make more money, but not enough to justify the cost to their employees.

And even though some paint is painted at a higher quality than others, some paint can look very similar.

This leads some paint-company employees to take advantage of the workers and ask them to paint similar areas, like the same area on a car or a chair, even if the two areas are not identical.

We’ve seen this happen in places like San Diego, where some paint jobs cost more than the average paint job in the city, and some workers have been threatened and fired over this, according for the Boston Globe.

In one case, the owner of a paint company in San Diego was threatened with termination after the city started to investigate an alleged assault.

We contacted several paint-paint contractors, who told us they were not aware of the allegations and had no comment on them.

The company in question, Vitek Paint, has worked in San Francisco for years.

The business has grown to be the second largest in the United States, with revenue of $2.8 billion, according the company’s website.

And despite the problems that have plagued the paint business in the past, the company makes money.

Viteks paint is used in everything from building finishes to cars to furniture.

It’s the only paint in which most people can afford to pay the high prices, and the company charges a high markup.

And since it’s not painted on a regular basis, this can make it a difficult product for people to use, which has lead to some complaints.

In fact, Vitesk Paint has been criticized for using a cheap paint called “Coral,”

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