What do you do when you get hired for a defense contractor job?

By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon is offering a $50,000 cash bonus for contractors with $10,000 in Amazon delivery contract work, and that’s not all. 

And, as reported by The Hill, the $50k bonus is just one of the millions in bonus payments that Amazon has made to contractors with the Defense Department.

The $50K bonus, which is tied to the delivery work, is the largest incentive Amazon has offered in the Pentagon’s contract process, according to a review of federal contracting data.

Amazon is the second largest contract manufacturer, behind only Boeing, after Boeing. 

Amazon’s bonuses are part of the $1.8 trillion that the Defense Contract Management Agency has given to contractors, according to data compiled by the Associated Press. 

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office, however, found that Amazon had paid out more than $400 million in incentives to contractors in the last three years alone, more than the amount given to all other defense contractors combined. 

The incentives, according the GAO, were designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and increase productivity. 

Contractors receive incentives based on their work performed. 

An Amazon spokesman told The Huffington Press that the bonuses are only a fraction of the total amount that the company has awarded to contractors. 

“We offer hundreds of thousands of dollars of incentive bonuses to contractors every year, but we’ve only disclosed a fraction,” the spokesman said.

“In the last year, we’ve been able to deliver a total of more than 3.2 million contracts to our contractors.” 

The spokesman also said Amazon was “not going to discuss” the bonuses that contractors have received, or the bonuses offered to contractors since 2013. 

According to The Hill report, Amazon has awarded contracts to more than 5,000 companies since 2013, with the bulk of the awards in the first two years of the contract.

According to the AP, more and more of the money given to defense contractors is funneled through Amazon, which provides incentives to employees and contractors alike. 

When the AP asked Amazon why it awards more than 2,000 incentives to the same companies over a two-year period, a spokesman said the bonuses would be “explicitly and transparently disclosed.” 

Amazon has also said it does not reward contractors who fail to deliver on time.

The company has also offered incentives to individuals and corporations, but those incentives are limited. 

However, the AP did find that Amazon rewarded contractors for delays in the delivery of orders in less than one day. 

This is not the first time that Amazon offers bonuses to Defense contractors.

In 2014, Amazon paid $100,000 to the company’s third-party fulfillment provider, Amazon Web Services, to “incentivize fulfillment of orders within the U.S.,” according to the Associated News. 

Earlier this year, Amazon gave a $100K bonus to the contractor responsible for processing the payment of Amazon orders in Texas, according The Hill. 

After Amazon made the payment, Amazon asked for another $100k bonus from the contractor, which was not accepted. 

It also did not pay Amazon’s fulfillment provider for the $100ka. 

In addition to bonuses, Amazon gives contracts to contractors the company can control.

The incentives for contractors that Amazon controls are called “contract management services.” 

As reported by the AP: Contract management services are used to help the contractor identify and reduce problems with the company, and also provide incentives to maintain or improve the performance of the work. 

Some contracts also offer financial incentives, which are contingent on completion of work, or other factors that are specific to the specific contractor, such as an incentive that may be linked to performance goals. 

As Amazon has grown and diversified its business, it has also diversified the incentives offered to it, making it easier for contractors to compete against each other. 

For instance, Amazon offers incentives to suppliers that are similar to those offered to competitors.

For instance, it offers incentives for the delivery company to deliver orders within a specified timeframe. 

But the incentives are tied to specific requirements, such the delivery timeframe.

For example, an incentive may only be offered for a contractor that delivers on time or within the time schedule that Amazon assigns to the customer. 

Additionally, Amazon can control the contractors contracts by giving them a “contract governance authority,” which can prevent competitors from making changes in the contract or changing incentives. 

 Amazon is also one of several major contractors that has hired a private firm to manage its contracts. 

These contracts, called “bargaining agreements,” are the contracts between contractors and Amazon. 

Bargaining Agreements are the legal framework that allows companies to create contracts that allow them to negotiate with other companies, including Amazon.

These contracts can give the contractors more control over their contracts, while giving Amazon the right to enforce the terms of the contracts, such

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