British government to ban vinyl siding contractor invoice in new policy

A government spokesperson said the new policy would be announced in the coming weeks.

“It is now up to the British Government to ensure that any contractor that fails to comply with this new policy will face the full force of the law,” a spokesperson for the Department for Transport said.

It comes amid an ongoing campaign by vinyl siders to protest that the country has been overrun by construction of the high-rise skyscraper at London’s Olympic Park.

There have been calls for the government to impose a maximum penalty of £10,000 on any contractor who fails to install a vinyl sider, although no such order has been made.

Campaigners have been holding demonstrations against the tower at London Eye in the hope of persuading developers to stop the installation of the building’s new £300m canopy, which will replace the iconic siding.

The campaign has been backed by the business group, the Licensed and Operated Architects Association (L.O.A.A.).

“We have already heard from our members that vinyl sists have been responsible for hundreds of jobs being lost in the UK, with at least 200 of those directly associated with London’s skyline being lost,” said L.O

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