How to apply for a contractor tax form

A contractor tax is a way for a company to legally pay its workers for work they are contracted for.

It is an optional step in the tax preparation process, but many companies opt for it.

Here’s how to get a contractor form.


Choose the company source Talk Sport title How much does it cost to get your contractor tax forms?

article This article explains the cost of getting your first contractor tax for the first time.

If you have been using the free online form, you can still use our downloadable PDF form.


Find the company you are contracted to source Talk Sports title Find the contractor you are supposed to contact source TalkSports title What is a contractor job?

source Talksports title What are the differences between contractor and independent contractor jobs?

source News24 article What are some differences between the two jobs?


What is an independent contractor job and how does it differ from a contractor?

sourceTalkSport title The different types of contractors job, in one picture source TalkSportArticle article What is contractor and what does it do?

source TalkingSportArticle article Which contractors are there?

1 contractor: A company that is hired by the government to do work for a government agency.

2 contractors: Companies that work for the government on an independent basis.

3 independent contractors: Independent contractors who work for themselves or for a third party company.


The types of work contractors do source TalkSA article The different kinds of jobs you can do with contractors.

1 contractor does work that a government contractor would normally do. 2 independent contractors does work a government contractors contract does not normally do, such as building or building maintenance.

3 contractors do work that is usually done by government contractors, such like repairing roads.

4 contractors do construction work, which is usually performed by a third-party company.


Which contractors do independent contractors work?

1 independent contractor: Someone who works on a subcontract or on a work team.

2 contractor: An independent contractor who does work for himself or herself or on behalf of another person.

3 contractor: The person who does the work that the government contracts do, usually for themselves.

4 contractor: You can also call a subcontractor or a subcontracting company.

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