Which of the GOP’s three main presidential candidates would you rather spend your $200,000: Donald Trump or Marco Rubio?

Trump has been the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination for months now, and his lead is narrowing.He has raised more money than any other candidate in the Republican field and has the support of most major party members.Rubio has raised significantly less money and has been overshadowed by his other main rivals.But it’s […]

How to pay for the White House press secretary’s $25,000 contract

The White House has signed off on the contract to provide a White House Press Secretary for a reported $25 million, Politico has learned.The contract is for “general contract management services” that includes hiring and training new press officers, according to a source familiar with the matter.POLITICO first reported the contract in July.In the meantime, […]

Virginia contractors: Why you should pay more

Virginia contractors have a lot of perks.Some are free, some require you to pay upfront, and some are a little more complicated.It depends on the type of work and the contract.It also depends on whether you need the services of a contractor, but not necessarily.Virginia contractors are not only paid directly by the state, but […]

Which contractors access the national broadband network?

Contractor access is a fundamental element of the network design and is used to ensure that the network is capable of delivering services to its users.Contractors can use the network for free or for payment in exchange for the right to provide services.There are three main types of access: Private connections, common access, and public […]

What military contractor positions are opening up for women?

The military is starting to hire women as contractors.The Pentagon has started hiring female employees to fill jobs in the field of intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), according to a government report published on Thursday.The report found that in the past four years, there have been more than 500 women hired to fill roles […]

How to fix a vinyl siding project with vinyl siders

It’s a common problem when remodeling vinyl sides.There are so many things to consider when you’re dealing with this type of problem.Here are some things to keep in mind.First, what type of vinyl sider should you install?This depends on the project.In some cases, you’ll have to install a single vinyl sander.In others, you can install […]

A general contractor license allows contractors to work in construction, maintenance, repair and alteration jobs for the federal government

Washington — As a general contractor, you can work on federal projects and public projects as long as the work involves concrete patio construction or roofing contractors.You can also be licensed as a contractor for a variety of projects, such as water and sewer systems.The General Contractor Licensing Act, enacted in the early 1990s, required […]

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