Which of India’s new construction projects is a waste of money?

By now, most of India is in a frenzy to get its new projects built.

In the past couple of weeks, the state of Kerala and its capital, Puducherry, have been building more than 300 kilometers of roads and highways.

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 workers have been hired to install new toilets at the construction sites of the national highway system.

But which of these projects are they really worth building?

As the infrastructure has been built up, the number of toilets has decreased, says the chief minister of Puduchherry, Jayalalithaa.

“The new toilets are the new ones that people are using, which is good.

But when you are building new toilets and they are getting better, they are also not worth it,” she says.

Pudushera believes that building toilets is not a waste, since the project is an important one.

“People don’t like the sound of that word.

It is like an insult to those who do not have the money to build toilets,” she explains.

A few months ago, a group of local residents, including her, went to a meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Pune to protest against the construction of toilets in the city.

“It was like a public protest against a public project,” she recalls.

But the city council decided to allow the construction anyway, and the activists were allowed to stay for two days.

The next day, they went back and started a petition.

The city council has now approved the project.

“I am against toilets,” Pududur explains.

“But they are welcome in my town.

They are building toilets for the poor, who have no toilets.

So I support them.

They will get a better toilet.”

But there is one toilet in her town that is not welcome.

“A lot of toilets are in the garbage.

But that is our town.

I do not want to see the waste, so I want them to use the waste,” she continues.

The residents of the village also complain about the waste.

“There are people living here who don’t even have toilets.

Some of them have no toilet, and others have only a single toilet,” says Pudur.

She believes that the construction work is a distraction from the needs of the people.

“When people are building roads and the toilets are built, the money that is spent on toilets is also wasted,” she adds.

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