Which one of the ‘Star Wars’ movies is the worst?

A bunch of people got into a Twitter feud over which of the “Star Wars” movies is a total disaster.

First, there was the person who said he would “go to the movies” if he didn’t like the ending of “The Force Awakens.”

Then, there were people who said they wanted to “throw money at” a theater chain to make it “better” and to get “some new stuff” from the studio.

Then, a woman named Sarah B. was apparently so disgusted with the movie that she tweeted that she’d “get some new stuff from a theater company.”

After B. posted a link to a Facebook group where people who hate the movie can share their opinions, a slew of people began making the movie seem even worse than it already was.

A woman named Katie, who’s been a regular critic of the film, said she would “take the theater out” if she didn’t enjoy it.

And another woman named Rachel, who said she was “not a huge fan of the movie” and would never watch it, posted a photo of herself “screaming like a little girl” and captioned it with the hashtag #boredwiththemovie.

It didn’t take long for people to figure out that the movie was actually a really bad movie, and the people who thought it was a good movie actually liked it more than they liked the actual film.

It’s clear that a lot of people are deeply invested in hating the movie, but it turns out the majority of the people watching it didn’t actually watch it at all.

“The fact that people are still discussing the movie makes it feel like the real thing,” said Kristin L. of Portland, Maine.

“It was just a big marketing gimmick.”

For L. and many others who were deeply invested, that movie felt like it was all the work of a marketing team, even though the film was not made by a company at all but rather by a group of people who wanted to create a marketing blitz for the movie.

L. said she is now in a bit of a panic because she doesn’t want to go to the theater and she doesn and wants to see it again.

“I know it was an experiment, but this is the way things are,” she said.

“What we’re seeing in the film is a really good movie.”

It’s the only movie that the film has been nominated for five times for Best Picture, and it has been a favorite of critics and moviegoers alike.

That’s not to say that people who aren’t fans of the Star Wars franchise don’t enjoy the movie; many of them do.

But the fact that it has also been a divisive movie is a bit concerning to a lot who have already spent the past two weeks trying to figure it out.

I think people are more angry about the fact than they are happy that the fans were so upset about it. “

We have a lot more of a negative reaction to it, than to anything else.

It gives people something to talk about, and I think we’re going to see a lot less of this in the future.” “

That being said, I’m very glad that we’re in the midst of this because it’s definitely a good thing.

It gives people something to talk about, and I think we’re going to see a lot less of this in the future.”

Some of the complaints were also shared by those who didn’t even watch the movie at all, including L. who is one of those people who says she’ll “go see it” again.

That is, she plans to go see it.

But even if she does go, L. doesn’t think she’ll like it.

She said that the ending she dislikes is a part of the overall film and that it is a “complete mess” because the people she thinks are the “good guys” are just “just there for the sake of the plot.”

“It’s like, this whole movie is just a complete mess,” L. added.

“And that’s a really weird thing, because the whole thing is just so great.”

Sarah B said that she’s not really sure how much time she’ll spend on the movie because it is “a little bit too long” to watch.

She does say that she’ll watch it again, though, but not just to see what happens.

She’ll probably watch it on the couch or with her son who’s a huge Star Wars fan.

“He’ll just be like, ‘Mom, I love this movie so much,'” she said, laughing.

“But I think I’ll watch the second one and see how it goes.”

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