What to know about the new contracts of the new professional footballers

In a move that will shake up the industry, the governing body of professional football in Italy has signed up to a number of new commercial painting contracts with commercial contractors.

The new deals will see the professional football players earn around 10 times the minimum wage, and will also mean the players will be able to hire commercial paint contractors to paint their kits.

The deals are being signed on behalf of the Football Federation of Italy (FFI) as part of the latest wave of contract reforms that aim to ensure that the players and their families receive the best possible conditions for the next two decades.

“These new contracts are part of an overall transformation that is taking place in the football industry, which is an important step in the long-term transformation of the game,” a spokesman for the FFI told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The contracts will take effect in 2019, with the start date of the 2019/20 season set for March 2018.

The new agreements include the signing of a new five-year commercial contract, which has the same conditions as the existing contracts.

The first of the contracts was signed with the FPI in November, and was followed by the signing last month of a second contract, this time with an international team.

The agreement with the World Football League (WSL) will see a team of three players, who will work for one year on a professional football pitch, earning a minimum of €1,000 per month.

The contract also includes a clause that states that the team must pay for the paint and fixtures that are installed on the pitch, which will be paid for by the club itself.

The WSL has said that the new commercial deals are not linked to the league’s finances.

“The new contracts signed today will not impact on the ongoing WSL-owned stadiums and infrastructure, nor will they impact on commercial revenue for the clubs,” the WSL said in a statement.”WSL clubs will continue to have the option to use their own professional paint and equipment to enhance their pitch, but will be expected to follow the financial terms set out in the agreements with the commercial paint companies.”

As a result, the clubs will receive an annual return on their investment that is consistent with their contribution to the overall WSL infrastructure.

“The contracts with the Italian Professional Footballers Association (APFA) and the Football League of Italy will also see players earn a salary of €2,500 a month, which amounts to a significant increase from the €500 a week they were earning at the end of the 2014/15 season.

The APFA’s contracts will also allow the players to buy the team a private jet, with costs being shared with the players’ families.”

In order to provide the best conditions for all professional football teams, and ensure the health and safety of all professional players, we are pleased to announce that the APFA and the FSFI have signed new commercial contracts,” said Mario Marazzi, president of the APEA.”

We are pleased that we will be joining forces with the APFI to create a common platform for the sporting, educational and cultural life of all football clubs.

“The FFI said that it had been able to secure the new deals through a “constructive and professional negotiation process”.

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