Which contractors access the national broadband network?

Contractor access is a fundamental element of the network design and is used to ensure that the network is capable of delivering services to its users.

Contractors can use the network for free or for payment in exchange for the right to provide services.

There are three main types of access: Private connections, common access, and public access.

Private connections are usually reserved for specific purposes, such as delivering goods or services to a customer or for public safety or emergency use.

Common access is used by a single organisation or company for all customers on the network.

Public access is reserved for services that are provided for free to consumers, but may be subject to a price.

For example, a provider may offer a service for free on the NBN for those who have signed up for the NBN but for which they do not currently have access.

In some cases, a customer may also be eligible for a fixed-price offer if they have already been using their own local network.

For more information about access, see Contractor connection.

Some contracts may also specify which services can be provided for a fee.

This allows a provider to reduce its costs for providing the service by charging a fixed fee.

For further information, see contractor connection.

Source: National Broadband Network Operators, accessed 11 August 2018.

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