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Denver, Colorado, United States, United Kingdom (CNN) The search for a fireproof contractor is heating up in Denver, where an independent contractor is fighting to become a building contractor in the city.

On Wednesday, Denver City Council members will consider an amendment to the city’s building code that would allow the building owners to hire contractors with a fire-resistant flooring material.

The amendment, sponsored by Councilman Matt Gudzune, is the latest step in the building code debate, which has heated up in recent months as a group of business owners and architects have expressed concern about the growing use of fireproofing materials in high-rise buildings.

“This amendment will help provide homeowners and renters with a safety net,” Gudzen said in a statement.

The city code requires fireproof materials in a number of areas, including doors and windows, as well as doors and window frames.

It’s unclear how many of these areas require fireproofness.

Gudzen’s amendment would allow buildings that are designed to withstand fire to hire a fire resistant contractor.

Gizmodo reported on Wednesday that a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that only 15 percent of the buildings that were tested had a minimum fire resistance of 1,000 pounds per square inch.

That means a building’s fire resistance would be only 1,200 pounds per sq. ft. if it had a fire proofing material that had a rating of 1 percent or less.

While the NFSS has a more comprehensive fire resistance rating, Gudzu said the NFTS doesn’t have any fireproof flooring standards.

Gadget City, a Denver-based company that offers fireproof, fireproof and non-fireproof floor plans, said it had no comment on the proposal.

Gilead Sciences, the pharmaceutical company behind Sovaldi, has also raised concerns about the fireproof requirements in recent years.

In a letter to the National Fire Protection Association last year, Gilead said the requirement for fireproof is a “de facto ban on building construction.”

“It is not uncommon for the fire safety standards for a building to be set in advance to accommodate specific applications,” Gileads letter said.

“For example, in one case, a building with a design fire resistance was set for fire resistance by the fire department in the event of an active shooter event.

While it is possible that a building would remain ‘fire-proof’ if this type of design was not implemented, a fire resistance requirement that is not specified in a building code would not provide fire-resistance in that case.”

Gileads is also pushing to have building codes set fire resistance requirements for exterior walls.

Gileson Construction said in an emailed statement to CNN that the company has been working with the Denver City Building Commission and the city to help ensure its contractors meet fireproof standards.

“The company is confident that all of our contractors meet all of Denver’s fire protection requirements,” the company said.

Gainesville, Florida, United State (CNN, Washington Post) The United States has been grappling with the rapid rise of a new industry: a growing number of building contractors who are building new and high-end homes with fireproof windows and doors.

The problem is, many of them aren’t even licensed.

Gillespie and Associates, a Florida-based construction firm, has filed a lawsuit in Washington State Superior Court against the City of Seattle, which licenses its contractors, arguing that the city is denying them fair competition because it does not require building owners with fire-proof materials to obtain a fire and safety certification.

The lawsuit alleges that the City has a “clear and compelling interest” in the safety of its citizens.

The Seattle city council last year approved a new building code, requiring the building owner to obtain at least one fire and fire safety certification, a requirement that has been widely embraced by building owners and building inspectors across the country.

Gileasses complaint in Washington state says that the certification process for contractors is “outdated” and is designed to protect “federal, state, and local governments from frivolous lawsuits.”

Gillanders attorneys in Washington say that the new building codes “are intended to be a broad safety standard” that can be applied to “all types of buildings, including multi-story buildings and structures designed for maximum structural integrity and fire resistance.”

The city of Seattle says that its new building standards have already helped save lives, but it’s not clear how much.

The Seattle Fire Department’s spokesman, Steve Moseley, told CNN that only a fraction of building owners are certified to comply with the city building code.

He said that most building owners who have been certified to the building codes have been doing so because the city has not required them to obtain additional certifications to obtain the certification.

Mosely said the city plans to issue a permit for new construction to allow

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