The Most Common Jobs on the Job in 2018

We asked employees of the largest contractors to name their favorite jobs and we found a surprising amount of overlap.

Here’s what they said: 1.

Customer Service -Customer service is often a part of a contract, and we’ve all seen it in action.

It includes the paperwork, the call centers, the customer service, the packaging.

It also includes the fact that the customer wants it, and the customer’s company can’t deliver.

It’s important that customers have a good experience, but the customer is a customer too, and sometimes you don’t even need to be there.


Computer Maintenance -Many contractors are involved in data processing.

This is often done with software, and most jobs are automated.


Transportation -Some contractors handle transportation, such as pick up, drop off, and delivery, and some are responsible for the actual driving of vehicles.


Financial Services -Many businesses use finance companies to handle their business transactions, and they’re often located in one of the most heavily trafficked areas in the United States.


Retail -Some jobs involve a retail salesperson.


Computer Services -Some businesses require computer services, such the software for accounting software or the database system.


Health Care -Some employers require health care services, and a small percentage of those require that they be done by a doctor or nurse.


Food Processing -Some food processing jobs require a certain amount of equipment, and many are repetitive.


Food Storage -Some stores require that you be in charge of a certain number of shelves, and in most cases you’ll be responsible for keeping all those shelves stocked.


Food Preparer -Some foods are prepared in a kitchen, and you’ll need to handle the food in a small room with a few people.


Cleaning Services -This may be a part-time job, but some cleaning jobs require you to clean your own space and prepare food.


Food Service -Some service jobs require the cook, baker, and baker’s assistant to work on the kitchen.

Some people are required to be the front person when customers arrive.


Transportation Operations -Some logistics companies require you take care of the trucks and vans for their business, and transportation is often the backbone of a company’s operations.


Manufacturing -This is one of those jobs that can be done entirely on the job, and it’s often part- or full-time.


Administrative -Some positions are part- time, and others require that the employee be available for an extended period of time.


Transportation Planning -Some companies require that people make sure the routes they use are planned and they have their routes covered.


Computer Software and Services -Software developers and technicians are often involved in building software, which can include software to assist with business functions.


Human Resources -Some employees work as a customer service representative, and this is often considered part-timer.


Advertising -Some advertising jobs require that clients send in resumes to a company and the companies will then review those resumes, sort through them, and contact the prospective client.


Marketing -Some job roles require the advertising department to provide a sales toolkit to clients, and these types of jobs often involve social media marketing.


Information Technology -Some IT jobs require technology support and software support, and there are a few jobs where it’s necessary to use that tech.


Business Administration -This could be a full- or part-timing job, depending on the size of the business.


Customer Care -Many people have to help customers get things done, and customer care is often part of the job description.


Medical and Mental Health -Many of these jobs involve the delivery of medical and mental health care, as well as customer service.


Insurance -Many companies require employees to be insured and some require that their employees be licensed.


Advertising and Sales -Advertising and sales are both part- and full-timers.


Finance -This job can be divided into multiple categories depending on how many hours it requires, and depending on where the job is located.


Legal -This jobs description usually includes the legal services and legal consulting, but there’s a lot more to this job.


Insurance Information -Some of these insurance jobs require people to be licensed, and if you’re not licensed, you might need to provide the insurance information.


Finance and Insurance -This category is often more involved, but it also includes accounting, investment banking, and other financial services.


Finance Sales -This includes the types of sales you’d expect to see in a job description for the typical financial services company.


Financial Accounting -This part–time position is also a part time job, although some companies require it. 33.

Business Development -This can be an accounting position or a marketing position, depending where the company is located and how many people are employed. 34.

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