Contractor Rewards offers incentives for home repairs

Contractor rewards programs offer rewards for contractors who perform renovations, such as replacing the bathtub or painting the walls.

The program has been in use since 2010, and now offers up to $10,000 for a total of $100,000 in cash rewards.

It’s a way for contractors to get out of a bind, said Dan Smith, a partner at law firm Smith Smith and Wilsons.

The company works with a variety of contractors, including contractors who are seeking to make more money and contractors who want to make their homes look good.

The program is available in several states, including California, Oregon, Florida and Nevada.

Smith and Welsons is one of several companies that offer incentives for contractors.

The programs are aimed at helping the industry reach out to the community, said Scott Hirsch, a manager at the contractor rewards program at Law & Home.

The incentive programs are a good way for a contractor to demonstrate their business skills, he said.

Hirsch said he sees the programs as a way to build community trust in the community.

For example, if a contractor has a business that has a reputation for being unreliable, they could receive an incentive to be more trustworthy.

Hirsh said the program works with both large and small contractors.

“If we have a big project that requires large scale renovation, we could get in front of people and say, ‘Let’s give you the cash,’ ” he said, adding that there’s a lot of interest in the program among contractors.

Hiring contractors is hard, but it’s also expensive, said Chris Pecora, who manages contracting for The Weather Company.

“This is something that you want to do in a timely manner,” he said of the program.

Pecora said the company has done work for more than 500 clients and is proud to have been a part of the initiative.

For every contractor that completes the program, the company will give them a bonus of $50.

Pechora said it’s important for contractors and other workers to understand that their work is valued and that they have a right to expect a fair return.

“They are the ones that are actually doing the work, they are paying the bills,” he explained.

If you have questions about the contractor incentives program, call the National Contractor Recruitment Center at (800) 725-4736.

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