What Amazon has to say about the drone controversy

The United States government has suspended its agreement with Amazon.com Inc. to fly drones over the country as a result of a federal investigation into whether it violated rules for air traffic controllers that were put in place after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.The FAA, which is overseeing the contract, is investigating whether the FAA […]

Building contractor license lookup: Denver,Independent Contractor,Contractor License lookup

Denver, Colorado, United States, United Kingdom (CNN) The search for a fireproof contractor is heating up in Denver, where an independent contractor is fighting to become a building contractor in the city.On Wednesday, Denver City Council members will consider an amendment to the city’s building code that would allow the building owners to hire contractors […]

Why the UK is getting more and more reliant on foreign workers

4:20 PM EDT — If you’re a UK contractor working on a project overseas, then you might soon have to take that job overseas to work in a foreign country.In a major announcement made today, the UK’s Department of Defense says it plans to slash its workforce by 20 percent in the next five years, […]

What military contractor positions are opening up for women?

The military is starting to hire women as contractors.The Pentagon has started hiring female employees to fill jobs in the field of intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), according to a government report published on Thursday.The report found that in the past four years, there have been more than 500 women hired to fill roles […]

Florida contractor licenses in Florida could come under scrutiny

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation issued a license for an electrician with a contractor license in Florida, but he’s now been flagged by the state’s attorney general as a potential problem.The Florida Department is investigating a Florida contractor, Mark J. Smith, who had a contractor work on the Florida Department’s Florida Home […]

Contractors siding contractor contracts, contract template

A contract for siding and landscaping contractors will be the subject of a lawsuit by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, according to the complaint filed Friday.The complaint alleges that the agency is violating the Fair Housing Act by paying contractors to do work without providing the agency with information about who the contractor actually is.The […]

A new contractor bag manufacturer says it is looking to expand its business after a string of delays

Lowes Contractors has launched a new bag manufacturing business to capitalize on the success of its signature bags.Lowes’ contract bag manufacturing division is now producing more than 2 million bags annually.In a statement, Lowes’ executive vice president of product management, Greg Fisk, said, “We are pleased to be joining forces with the innovative manufacturer of […]

Why You Shouldnt Be Using Your Car To Save Money on Insurance

If you’re a car enthusiast and you’re wondering why you’re not saving money on your insurance on your car, then it might be because your car is too old or damaged.The insurance industry does a good job of keeping the numbers of cars that are eligible for their premium discounts from going up, but the […]

How to save your employer’s health insurance coverage

The Irish Independent reports that some insurance companies may have a problem with their company’s insurer having to pay for the costs of the killer contractor involved in the attack on the Dublin Bus, which left four people dead and several injured.A spokesman for Irish Insurance told The Irish Examiner that while the company is […]

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