How to be a general contractor

General contractors are a small group of skilled workers who specialize in various tasks related to the construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.These skilled workers tend to have a lot of experience and are well-known throughout the construction industry, as well as the federal government.As a general contractors job title is “general contractor,” it […]

What to know about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ contractor school program

Veteran’s advocates say the U of A is using a program that is rife with problems, as they raise questions about the government contracting process.Veterans advocate and former federal judge Andrew Wilkie said the department’s program, which was announced in April, is a waste of taxpayer money.“It’s a big mistake that this is going on,” […]

Australia’s economy to shrink 0.2 per cent in 2016-17

Industry forecasts show Australia’s industrial sector will shrink 0,2 per.cent in 2016.The Reserve Bank is forecasting that the economy will shrink by 0.4 per cent this year.Industry figures are also showing that the number of jobs lost last year was up 0.1 per cent on the year, and the number gained was down 0.5 per […]

How to fix the fountain contractor

The concrete work was done at a contractor building supply store in the southern city of San Fernando.It cost $200,000.Construction on the fountain, which opened in February, has been delayed by a water main break.The contractor is an independent contractor that builds, installs and maintains water pipes for private, public and state water projects.It did […]

Which of the GOP’s three main presidential candidates would you rather spend your $200,000: Donald Trump or Marco Rubio?

Trump has been the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination for months now, and his lead is narrowing.He has raised more money than any other candidate in the Republican field and has the support of most major party members.Rubio has raised significantly less money and has been overshadowed by his other main rivals.But it’s […]

How to pay for the White House press secretary’s $25,000 contract

The White House has signed off on the contract to provide a White House Press Secretary for a reported $25 million, Politico has learned.The contract is for “general contract management services” that includes hiring and training new press officers, according to a source familiar with the matter.POLITICO first reported the contract in July.In the meantime, […]

How to find the best contractor for your project

In this video series, Recode’s tech writers will explain the best way to find a contractor for a particular job.Read more Recode has partnered with a number of contractors to bring you this video, including:Lowes, contractor bags, contractor baggers, contractor-specific baggers…and contractors specifically for a specific job.If you have any questions, or need help, head […]

Why Virginia contractors license may expire in 2019

VIRGINIA — A Virginia contractor’s license may be expiring this year due to a lack of new applications, a government official told Recode on Wednesday.The deadline is Sept. 20.It will be the second year in a row that the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has required a license renewal for a contractor to work on […]

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