Which New Zealand contractors are licensed and what is the difference?

New Zealand’s biggest contractors are the most likely to be licensed in Australia, and they’re also among the most expensive, according to new research.Key points:New Zealand contractors have a higher proportion of contracts awarded in the first half of this year than their Australian counterpartsNew contractors have the highest number of contracts in the second […]

Why you should consider a drain contractor

In 2017, Virginia contractors earned more than $7.5 billion in state and federal tax credits.What does that mean for you?The state earned $6.7 billion from the federal tax credit, but that’s only one component of a complex incentive system that incentivizes contractors to keep their services running.This incentive also incentivizes them to provide their services […]

How to find the best home improvement contractor

The government is considering the need for more contractors as it grapples with the fallout from the Great Recession.The Federal Register, which is used to approve government business, says that the U.S. has fewer than 4,000 registered contractors in the country.The Register says the number of contractors has increased about 25% over the past decade, […]

How to find independent contractors in California

It can be a bit tricky to find a job in California, especially for independent contractors.But you can always look to the California Department of Labor for help.Independent contractors are a growing group in the state, with many taking advantage of the state’s economic downturn to find work, as we reported previously.Now, a new study […]